A new era in stadium technology.

Parallel to the start of the season in the top international leagues a new (but still experienced) specialist for visual real-time analyzes is launched: VIEWW.
VIEWW, based in Aachen, emerged from the former developer and management team of GoalControl. The aim of VIEWW is to raise the goal line (GLT), offside line (VOL) and video referee technology (VAR) through an intensive expanded portfolio to a new level in terms of speed and precision. The new thing about VIEWW: The FIFA-certified 4-D system is based on smart cameras that are continuously synchronized to a microsecond. In addition to the fully automatic real-time goal detection, all cameras provide 200 HD images per second for analysis and verification of critical goal area scenes.
The combination of GLT, VOL and VAR simplifies and speeds up the decision-making enormous. The user can zoom, fast-forward and rewind at 200 images per second - and thus has the opportunity to see every little detail faster than before. "Our lead over conventional systems already becomes clear in the name", managing partner Matthias Engelhardt emphasizes the advantages of VIEWW. “The double W symbolize that we always combine several stadium technologies at the same time for making a decision - and finally everyone benefits from it: referees, players and fans."
The modular construction of the VIEWW technologies enables the Aachen based company to serve medium-sized and smaller leagues in addition to the premium target group with the best fitting solution in the future. This means that referee assistance systems no longer remain reserved for the premium leagues.

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