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Vieww has had all referee assistance systems available in football certified by FIFA. These are: GLT (Goal Line Technology), VAR (Video Assistant Referee), VOL (Virtual Offside Line). 

The FIFA-certified 4-D system is based on intelligent cameras that are continuously synchronised with microsecond precision. In addition to fully automatic goal detection, all cameras deliver 200 HD images per second, which are available for the analysis and investigation of critical goalmouth scenes if required.

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Goal Line Technology (GLT)

The latest goal line technology (GLT) called View 4D 2.0 makes highly efficient use of the GPU, requiring only two computers for each stadium. The unique combination of microcomputers and industrial cameras takes GLT to the next level: intelligent cameras synchronised to the microsecond analyse the images and provide continuous 200 fps full HD streaming at the same time. Only Vieww is capable of running real-time ball tracking images from all installed cameras. The iReplay provides the referee with ball tracking data as well as auto zoom and super slow motion videos. With this data, difficult match situations can be visualised much more clearly and help to reach a referee decision faster.


Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

The vieww VAR system uses all the experience gained from goal-line technology (GLT) and combines powerful GPU calculations with the most efficient programming. SDI signals are converted into high-quality JPEG images. Each individual image is captured separately, like a photograph, to avoid loss of detail. At the same time, the system offers a very fast response time. Due to its high knowledge of image processing, vieww was able to create an intelligent server/client concept that does not require large data transfer rates.

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