Our goal: To become the most accurate goal-line technology provider in the market and maximise the use of all GLT cameras for VAR and broadcast enhancements.

Goal Line Technology (GLT)

With 14 cameras capturing 200 images per second, the latest vieww GLT system not only provides the highest level of ball tracking accuracy, but also high quality images for the VAR. 14 smart cameras synchronized to the microsecond efficiently process the images and transmit them to the tracking and replay servers.

The system is based on light stadium infrastructure and can be operated remotely, offering stadiums, leagues and federations significant cost saving opportunities.


Video Assistant Referee  (VAR)

The vieww VAR system uses all the experience gained from goal line technology (GLT) and combines powerful GPU calculations with the most efficient programming. SDI signals are converted into high-quality JPEG images. Each individual image is captured separately, like a photograph, to avoid loss of detail. At the same time, the system offers a very fast response time. Due to our extensive knowledge of image processing, vieww was able to create an intelligent server/client concept that does not require large data transfer rates.

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