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Strategic Partnership

vieww have recently become part of the Deltatre Group, being acquired by Sportec Solutions AG, who both bring huge experience in operations in the biggest sports competitions in the world.

With these new players on the team, Vieww will professionalise its operations and ensure the highest quality products are delivered reliably and sustainably to its customers.

Becoming the most accurate Goal Line Technology provider on the market while maximising the usage of all GLT cameras for VAR and Broadcast enhancements

vieww, a German specialist for real-time image analysis in sport

The FIFA-certified 4-D system is based on intelligent cameras that are continuously synchronised with microsecond precision. In addition to fully automatic goal detection, all cameras deliver 200 HD images per second, which are available on demand for the analysis and investigation of critical goalmouth scenes.

By combining goal line technology (GLT), offside line technology (VOL) and video referee technology (VAR) for the first time, the user has the opportunity to see every last detail and thus make the best decision much faster than before.


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