Becoming the most accurate Goal Line Technology provider on the market while maximising the usage of all GLT cameras for VAR and Broadcast enhancements

Goal Line Technology (GLT)

The latest goal-line technology (GLT) called View 4D 2.0 makes highly efficient use of the GPU, requiring only two computers for each stadium. The unique combination of microcomputers and industrial cameras takes GLT to the next level: intelligent cameras, synchronised to the microsecond, analyse the images and provide continuous 200 fps full HD streaming at the same time. Only vieww is capable of running real-time ball tracking images from all installed cameras. iReplay provides the referee with ball tracking data as well as auto zoom and super-slow-motion-videos. This way, difficult match situations can be visualised much clearer and help to reach a referee decision faster.

14 cameras

14 cameras running at 200fps equipped with a local GPU for image processing in the edge.

2 connection bays

2 connection bays connected to each other, all cameras and the broadcast compound or server room.

2 central tracking servers

2 central tracking servers 
and 1 replay server.

Efficiency & Accuracy

With 14 cameras capturing 200 images per second, the latest vieww GLT system not only provides the highest level of ball tracking accuracy, but also high quality images for the VAR. 14 smart cameras synchronized to the microsecond efficiently process the images and transmit them to the tracking and replay servers.The system is based on light stadium infrastructure and can be operated remotely, offering stadiums, leagues and federations significant cost saving opportunities.

  • Goal / No-Goal decision in under 1 second through various channels
  • 14 smart cameras tracking in real time at 200 fps
  • VAR Integration: all cameras available with all frames for the VAR and automatic ball zoom with all cameras for situations in the penalty area
  • Broadcast standard GLT replay including virtual animation and graphic insert
  • Clean replays for broadcast of all camera angles for any relevant situations in the camera field of view
  • Maximum Security through Maximum Automation
  • Scalable and modular

Ball Tracking Data Integration for VAR

Ball Tracking Data Integration for VAR

GLT Replay

GLT Replay

Key Take-Aways

Please find here below the key take-aways described in the previous slides.


Small Stadium Footprint

3 Servers + 1 Backup, Camera System, Light Cabling Installation. Manual operations reduced to the minimum, with an initial calibration and pre-match checks


Remote Technical Operations​

Tracking and replay servers installed in the stadium and fully manageable in remote through a 15MBps internet connection


Use of all GLT Cameras for broadcast & VAR​

All the 14 GLT cameras are in full HD 200fps resolution and images captured can be used for taking VAR decisions or as replays for the broadcast production



The system is configured to work in all environments, including virtual machines on the cloud, allowing our clients to gain complete flexibility in the way they access and work with GLT content.

Full experience with a small budget

GLT Light

The Goal Line Technology system has been created on solid basis, with a robust and secure infrastructure and goes hand in hand with the latest VAR development.

Here are the key take-ways for Light Version:

  • 8 cameras running at 200fps
  • 1 central tracking server and 1 replay server 
  • Fully automated operations monitored from a remote location
  • Fully automated and integrated virtual replay for broadcast & digital channels
  • Scalable with additional cameras for high profile events
  • Less than 1 second for a Goal
  • Full integration into the Vieww VAR System with 8 high frame rate cameras focused on the goals and automatic ball zoom with all cameras for situations in the penalty area

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